Biological sciences

Allahverdiev S., Budnichenko A.

№5 February 2021 Download full article COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM OF UNPLEASANT ODORS OF SILT MAPS: THE EXPERIENCE OF THE CITY OF SARANSK Allahverdiev S. doctor of biological sciences, professor Moscow State Pedagogical University,  Moscow, Russia Budnichenko A. Society Limitation Responsibility Rodemos, Moscow, Russia DOI: 10.24412/2701-8369-2021-5-8-11 ЭКОНОМИЧНОЕ РЕШЕНИЕ ПРОБЛЕМЫ НЕПРИЯТНЫХ ЗАПАХОВ ИЛОВЫХ КАРТ: ОПЫТ …

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Allahverdiev S.R.o., Eroshenko V.I., Budnichenko A.V.

№4 January 2021 Download full article CLEANING APPLICATION OF MICROBIOLOGICAL PREPARATION “ECOBACTER” FOR OF EFFLUENTS AND PUNCHING OF SILT PRECIPITATIONS Allahverdiev S.R.o.,Doctor of biological sciences, professorMoscow State Pedagogical Ubiversity, Moscow, RussiaEroshenko V.I.,Candidate of geographical sciences, docentMoscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow, RussiaBudnichenko A.V.Society Limitation Responsibility Rodemos,Moscow. RussiaDOI: 10.24412/2701-8377-2021-4-2-4-5 ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ МИКРОБИОЛОГИЧЕСКОГО ПРЕПАРАТА «ЭКОБАКТЕР» ДЛЯ ОЧИСТКИ СТОЧНЫХ ВОД …

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